Traidhos Residence & SPA

  Managed by Mom Tri's Villa Royale Group

MomTri's Spa Royale

  • Steam Bath and Massage 
  • Siam Facial treatment 
  • Aromatherapy Massage 
  • Body and Foot Massage     
  • Body Treatment            

Steam Bath & Massage

Steam Bath and Thai Traditional Massage
Heat enhances relaxation,  allowing you
to benefit more fully from the therapist touch   
120      Min.                 2,200 Baht

    Steam Bath and Aromatherapy Massage  
Heat enhances relaxation,  allowing you
to benefit more fully from the therapist’s touch
Select one of our pleasurable mood fragrances of
blended massage oil from natural ingredients.
      120    Min.               3,500 Baht


Facial Treatment

Siam Facial Treatment
Siam Facial Treatment is a unique, ancient,
traditional Thai facial treatment
which uses the natural ingredients of fine organic honey, tamarind, Thai curcuma,
and  black sesame, to clean, exfoliate
and detoxify, promoting beautiful, soft, healthy, moist skin.
Cleanse : The five-step Siam Facial Treatment begins with cleansing with rose water.
Scrub: Next is a gentle exfoliating and detoxifying scrub with a mousse of honey,
tamarind juice, Thai curcuma powder, black sesame powder and white clay which leaves your skin softer, silky, and enriched.
Ozone Vapor: Warm ozone vapor opens the pores and hydrates the skin.
Mask: A cooling mask with fresh slices of cucumber soothes and moisturizes.

Facial Massage: This is a rejuvenating and detoxifying facial experience using 100% rose water to rid your skin of bacteria, and free radicals and encourage healthy, radiant, skin.
60 Min.            2,000 Baht

Aromatherapy Massage

Calm Down and Just Relax
Our therapist will play a melody of massage using
our special aroma essential oil from head to toe,
concentrating on your shoulders and head.
60 Min.            2,000 Baht
90 Min.            2,900 Baht


Body and Mind Rejuvenation
We will treat your body with an exotic aroma oil to rejuvenate
you skin, stimulate your body and calm your mind.
60 Min.            2,000 Baht
90 Min.            2,900 Baht

Body & Foot Massage

Thai Traditional Massage 
A deep massage for relaxation and release of tension.
This is an ancient form of massage in which the therapist stimulates
the body’s pressure points.
60 Min.            350 Baht
90 Min.            500 Baht

Traditional Thai Herb Steam Massage

Traditional Thai massage with steamed fresh Thai herbs (luk pracob) soothes aches and pains while increasing blood circulation.
120 Min.          800 Baht

Foot Massage

Reward your feet with this unique foot treatment from our talented therapists.
It starts with a scrub using a green tea cream,
and finishes with an aromatic green tea oil massage
to release general stress and stimulate organs.
60 Min.            400 Baht

Body Treatment

Tamarind with White Mud and Yoghurt
The traditional Thai treatment of tamarind is good for cleansing the body.
White mud will cool your skin and yoghurt will make your skin
smoother, softer and moist.

Following is a soak in an aromatic milk bath.
Then our skilled therapist performs a massage with
aromatic massage oil.
Treatment concludes with a refreshing body spray of pure rose
water to wake up feeling fully rejuvenated.

180 Min.                      5,200 Baht